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Pictured are just some of the members of Severn Ambulance & Medical Services who form the real back bone of the organisation, and enable its very existance. The organisations membership is made up of volunteers from a wide and varied range of backgrounds, who give up their valuable spare time to support the organisation in its operations.


Whilst some volunteers take a 'direct entry' route into operational and clinical duty as registered Health Care Professionals or other specialists, many enter from other walks of life and progress through the robust and thorough Severn Ambulance training schedule. This training includes service induction, infection control and manual handling courses (for all staff, operational and support), on- and off-road driver training, our Emergency First Responder (EFR) course, our Foundations of Emergency Care (FEC) course and our Event and Pre-hospital Emergency Care (EPEC) course. In addition, all staff maintain a Portfolio of Personal Development and attend Continued Professional Development (CPD) days/courses.


All our volunteers undergo a strict application process, including enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks and maintain the required skills for the role.

In addition to the key input from our team of voluntary clinical and support staff, Severn Ambulance employs the benefits of a "management team", led by Chief Ambulance and Chief Medical Officers, to oversee and control the operation of the organisation, ensuring key standards, codes of conduct, legal and governing body requirements and above all patient safety and service quality measures are upheld at all times


The organisanisation is supported in achieving its objectives by a board of trustees who are responsibel for ensuring that the organisation abides by and achieves its charitable objectives,

Tim Moore

Chief Ambulance Officer

One of three founding members, Tim founded the organisation back in 1994.


Tim brought a wealth of time-spent knowledge and experience as a leader in the voluntary aid society field to the organisation and has maintained a senior role at the forefront of the success of Severn Ambulance today.


As well as his managerial role, Tim maintains his clinical skills and puts in many hours as a member of operational ambulance personnel.

Chief Medical Officer

Due to the progression of our Chief Medical Offcer, this post has now become vacant. We are actively recruiting a new post holder, so if you are interested in joining the team, please contact Tim Moore CAO,via the contact us page.

Jon Moore

Head of Clinical Operations

Head of Staff Development

Jon has been with the organisation since 2000, taking on different roles and leading varying projects.


Jon is a degree trained Paramedic who works within the NHS ambulance service, and brings his subject specialist knowledge and experience to the organisation heading up two different, but vastly interacting departments. Jon has a great interest in pre-hospital care research and is a driving force behind the development and improvement of the patient care delivered by Severn Ambulance.

Debbie Moore

Head of Finance/Secretary

Similarly to Tim, Debbie has been with Severn Ambulance since its launch back in 1994. Debbie brought with her many years experience working in clinical and support roles within the voluntary aid sector.


Debbie looks after the organisations finances, and is most often found on the other end of the phone arranging our work load, or looking after the "nutritional" needs of the organisations members at events. Debbie also finds the time to maintain her knowledge and skills as a member of operational clinical staff.

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